Research Overview


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Three Primary Branches of Study

Cognitive Training: The development of targeted computerized training programs that, when delivered remotely, can be used to improve cognition, functioning, and quality of life in individuals with psychosis.

Precision Psychiatry: Using standardized assessments to create personalized patient profiles which can be used in clinical decision making and can track patient progress over time.

Normative Data Projects: Collecting normative values for common assessments used in other research branches.

CoTIPP Studies

The CoTIPP lab has many ongoing studies occurring simultaneously including but not limited to:

  • Behavioral Measurement Based Care in Psychiatry (BMCP)
  • Brain Imaging Based Care in Psychiatry (BIBCaP)
  • Precision Mental Health for Pregnant Women and Mothers: Addressing Unmet Cognitive Needs (Mother Baby)
  • Early Psychosis Intervention-Minnesota (EPI-MINN)
  • And many more!

For more information on CoTIPP studies, click here.

Collaborative Studies

The CoTIPP lab supports a few projects led by other PI's, including:

Transcranial Direct Cognitive Stimulation and Cognitive Remediation Therapy for Psychosis (tDCS CogRem)

A Closed-Loop Assessment and Treatment Platform for Mood Disorders (Moodify/MMT Study)

For more information on collaborative studies CoTIPP supports, click here.